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Accommodation Direct puts accommodation seekers directly in touch with accommodation providers

Our aim is to help make the connection between accommodation seekers and accommodation providers and provide you with direct bookings on your own terms. We are not involved in collection of payments and take no commission for bookings. We just put the customer directly in touch with you and you handle the transaction directly. We only charge a low annual listing fee.

Counter the OTAs with Accommodation Direct

If you’re an accommodation provider that works with online travel agents (OTAs), you’ll be familiar with the battle of balancing your relationship with the OTAs and also driving enough sales directly. The big OTAs charge steep commissions for bookings made through their websites and often impose restrictive conditions on providers so it would be much better if to increase sales directly from one’s own website. But the OTAs dominate the search engines for many accommodation related searches and most accommodation providers are in the position where they have no choice but to list their properties with some of the leading OTAs in order to be visible online and get a steady flow of bookings. They also dominate the pay per click (PPC) advertising market (Google Adwords etc.) driving up the cost of PPC advertising and making it expensive for small accommodation business owners to compete with them for clicks. For most providers in the hospitality industry it becomes a case of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’. But we can work to increase direct sales and reduce reliance on the OTAs. Our aim at Accommodation Direct is to provide a channel to help you do this. You are free to advertise your own website in our listings and drive traffic directly to your website. Additionally, bookings made through Accommodation Direct are commission free.